a beer for starters

Summer’s here. An exciting season for beer drinking.

So, let’s learn some phrases that you can use when you enjoy drinking with friends.

Let’s say. You’re at a bar or a pub with a friend. The friend says, “How about a beer for starters?” A great idea. You agree. “Okay, I’ll start with a beer”.

Now, you finish your first drink. The friend asks you “How about another drink?” And you answer is “Why not?” Then she continues, “Would you like to move on to wine?” which means “Would you like some wine instead of beer?”

You can say yes to wine, but you may not be a wine drinker. If you want to drink more beer, then you can say, “I think I’ll stick to beer”.

NOTE: The original story was first published in July 2019.




例えば。お友だちとバーとかパブとかにいるとしましょう。お友だちがこう言います。How about a beer for starters? これは「とりあえずビールでいいかな?」という意味です。悪くない。そうしよう。I’ll start with a beer. これで「とりあえずビールください」です。

最初の一杯を飲み終えると、お友だちがすかさず聞いてきます。How about another drink? 「もう一杯どう?」 あなたは答えます。Why not? 「いいね」 お友だちはこう続けます。Would you like to move on to wine? 「次はワインにする?」 言い換えるとしたら Would you like some wine instead of beer? 「ビールじゃなくてワインにする?」ですね。

同意ならもちろんイエスです。でもあなたはワインを飲まない人かもしれない。もっとビールが飲みたい場合は I think I’ll stick to beer. 「やっぱりビールにしようかな」と答えればOKです。


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