Many congratulations!

It’s been a week since the Golden Week holidays were over. I guess things are finally getting back to normal for everyone.

During the holidays I had a family get-together. My mother, my sister and her daughter and myself. Just last month, my niece started going to high school. So we decided to celebrate her passing the exam and being accepted into the school she wanted to get into. We wanted to get together and say “Congratulations!”

Now, did you notice? I used the word “congratulations” in the plural. Not “congratulation”, but “congratulations”. Congratulations on your graduation. Congratulations on your engagement. Congratulations on your promotion, or congratulations on passing your exam.

It’s a good word to remember. But when you use it, make sure to use it in the plural. Always.


ゴールデンウィークのお休みが終わって 1 週間が経ちました。皆さんそろそろいつもの生活のペースを取り戻していらっしゃる頃でしょう。


さて、この「おめでとう」、英語では Congratulations! です。複数形を使うところに注意してください。「コングラチュレーション」ではなく、「コングラチュレーションず」です。「卒業おめでとう」なら Congratulations on your graduation、「婚約おめでとう」ならCongratulations on your engagement、「昇進おめでとう」は Congratulations on your promotion、「合格おめでとう」は Congratulations on passing your exam です。


NOTE: The original story was first published in May 2016.


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