access to the Internet

Today we’re going to look at the word “access“.

If you have access to something such as information or equipment, it means you have the opportunity or right to see it or use it. If you have access to a building, it means you are able or allowed to go into that building.

Let’s say, you’re a college student and you can use the college library. You have access to the college library. You have a Wi-Fi connection at home. You have access to the Internet at home. In Tokyo there is a dense network of railway, subway and bus lines. We have easy access to public transportation in Tokyo. However, there are areas where people have very limited access or no access to public transportation.

Sometimes the word is applied to a person. For example, if you’re arrested as a suspect, it’s important to have access to a lawyer.

NOTE: The original story was first published in December 2017.

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