behind closed doors

I was reading a book the other day, when I came across an expression “behind closed doors”. Are you familiar with the phrase?

Let’s imagine: There’s a room in front of you. If the door is open, you can see what people are doing in the room; you can hear what they are talking about; you know what’s happening there.

If the door is closed, on the contrary, you can’t see inside. You don’t know what’s going on there.

So, if something takes place behind closed doors, it’s done in secret. It’s hidden from public view.

For example, a deal may be negotiated behind closed doors. People may meet behind closed doors. Discussions can happen behind closed doors.

Now, would you like to try a quiz? I’ll give you three options. So, choose the one that is CORRECT.

If something happens behind closed doors, it’s done:
(1) privately.
(2) publicly.
(3) quietly.

▼ クイズの答え
密 室

先日、本を読んでいたら、behind closed doors という表現が出てきました。どんな意味か、ご存知ですか?



つまり、何かが密室で行われるとき、一般の目に触れないように行われるとき、英語ではしばしば behind closed doors という表現を用います。

たとえば、何かの取引を「水面下で」交渉する、関係者が「秘密裏に」会合を持つ、協議を「非公開で」行う場合などに behind closed doors を使います。

NOTE: The original story was first published in October 2020.


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