Today, I’m going to talk about the word “essential”.

What does the word “essential” mean? If something is essential, it’s important and necessary. Like, water is essential for all lives on earth.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re expected to stay home except for essential needs. And those services that are essential remain open, including grocery stores, convenience stores, banks, pharmacies, take-out and delivery restaurants, gas stations and laundry services.

And we rely on essential workers to maintain these essential services. They’re doctors, nurses, caregivers, mail carriers, bus drivers, cashiers and the like.

Grammatically, the adjective essential is often followed by to or that. For example, it is essential to wash your hands. And it is essential that you dry your hands after washing them.

Now, would you like to try a quiz? Read carefully and choose the one that best describes the meaning of “essential”.
(1) capable
(2) helpful
(3) necessary

Note: This story was first published in May 2020.

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