for the first time in six months

Last week I took a subway ride for the first time in six months. Due to the COVID-19, I’ve been working 100% from home since March as all of my work as an interpreter has been cancelled.

Fortunately, I still have translation and writing engagements. I don’t have the luxury to save a lot of money, but I’m paying the bills just fine.

This can be a good example of what I discussed last week: glass half full or glass half empty. I’m a glass-half-full kind of a person. I’m rather happy about having translation work, than sad about not having interpreting work.

Now, let’s learn this phrase today: I took a subway ride for the first time in six months. In other words, the last time I took a subway ride was six months ago.


先週、半年ぶりに地下鉄に乗りました。新型コロナのせいで、3 月以来、100% 在宅勤務です。通訳のお仕事はすべてキャンセルになってしまいました。



今日覚えるフレーズは、「6 ヶ月ぶりに地下鉄に乗った」の「6 ヶ月ぶり」です。

NOTE: The original story was first published in September 2020.


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