How did you spend your Golden Week holidays?

When you come back from holidays or long weekends, you typically speak with your friends at work or school about what you did during the holidays.

For example, “I spent my holidays in Hawaii with my family” or “I was away with my girlfriend, we spent a week in Paris.” “I went back to my hometown.” “I visited my friends in Okinawa” or “I didn’t do anything special. I just stayed in, eating, drinking and watching movies on Netflix.”

When you want to find out what someone did during their holidays, how would you ask? You can say, “How did you spend your holidays?” You can be more specific and say, “How did you spend your New Year’s holidays?” or “How did you spend your Christmas holidays?”

Let me give you two more sentences worth remembering: “How did you spend your weekend?” and “How do you usually spend your weekends?”

NOTE: The original story was first published in May 2019.

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